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CO2 emissions

Track and offset the carbon emissions of your shipments

At TAP Air Portugal, sustainability is more than a goal – it is our commitment. By joining the Tap Air Cargo Carbon Offset Program, you can start measuring and tracking the emissions of your air freight transport, on a monthly basis, and also offset those emissions, if desired, by supporting certified offsetting projects that reduce or remove CO2 emissions in an amount equivalent to the estimated carbon footprint of your shipments. Thank you for being an active participant in our shared climate journey.


Activate your account

Request access from your Tap Air Cargo representative to set up your account and join our carbon offset program.

Measure, track and report your carbon footprint

Get access to a dedicated portal with detailed analytics and dashboard regarding the estimated carbon emissions of your shipments, and your carbon offsetting history to date.

Willing to go further? Offset your shipments' carbon emissions

Get to know more about the trusted carbon projects supported and select those you intend to support. Address the carbon footprint of your shipments by placing offset orders.

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To activate your account send us a request filling this contact form. Once your request is received your Tap Air Cargo representative will contact you to get started.

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